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Corley Vertical Line Bar Systems

Corley offers the best performing line bar resaw in the industry. Watch our videos to see one in action.

Available in two models to handle cants up to 24″ x 24″ for 16″ x 16″, the Corley line bar will allow you to maximize production, grade recovery, and accuracy.

The integrated cant inspection, cant indexing, and cant feeding system allows the inspector to turn cants prior to transfer to the infeed table which saves time and increases production with higher grade recovery.

Corley has retro-fitted our line bars to many different makes and models of band mills. If you already have a line bar and would like to upgrade, call us at 423.698.0284.

Standard Specifications
  • Three press roll design results in better control in the cut and more accurate lumber
  • Corley’s exclusive press roll pre-positioning ensures that the cant will be under control when entering the saw
  • Two linear positioners on the line bar fence deliver precise set accuracy without any mechanical racks, chains, or other linkage that will eventually require maintenance and effect set accuracy
  • Replaceable Xylethon fence faceplate is durable, long-lasting, and provides a smooth feed into the saw
  • the line bar fence extends past the saw blade to provide support and minimize sniped ends
  • Proportional hydraulic feed speed for positive feed control
  • PLC controls provide simple and flexible tools to maximize production

Lewis Controls optimization and controls are available on all Corley Resaws

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