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Corley Optimized Edgers

Lewis Controls edger optimizers have been delivering consistent results to sawmills for over 15 years. Our common sense approach to optimization provides the sawmill with the tools to increase recovery and revenue at the edger.

  • Available on new machines or as a retrofit for existing operations
  • Dynavision LMI scan heads for proven reliability
  • Windows PC based optimization computer with dual core processor
  • Machine controls and sequencing using PLC systems
  • Modem access for troubleshooting included for both the optimization PC and PLC
  • On-site startup training included for every system
  • Intuitive menus allow the mill to control the amount of wane and the appearance of their lumber
  • Value-driven true random width solutions
  • Value-driven fixed width solutions
  • Specific rules for hardwood applications
  • Grade and thickness wane rules specific to edge, face, length, area and end of board
  • Operator grade input prior to scanning and optimization
  • Advanced grade recovery software after optimization
  • Advanced grade recovery software after optimization
  • Multi-board solutions using forced splits or opportunity-based splits
  • Built-in simulation software
  • Talley and performance reports
  • 24/7 phone support by knowledgeable technicians
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