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  • Trimmer:
    • Cut length 4′-0 to 20′-0;
    • Maximum Cut: 8″ with 24″ diameter saw;
    • Saw Transfers: (2) 7-1/2 HP saw transfer assemblies
  • Main Frame: heavy duty 6″x 3″ tubular steel weldment for supporting saw transfer assemblies
  • Saw Transfers: constructed of 10″x 6″x 1/4″ wall structural tubing for maximum strength and extended life of components; each saw transfer equipped with motor, v-drive, adjustable arbor (0 to 1-1/2″) with ball bearings; saw guard type hold-down; Number 80 roller chain with lugs; chain race equipped with steel wear plate; chain returns through tube
  • Movable Board and Feed Shaft Supports: one (1) located on each side of movable saw transfer when stationary saw furnished for supporting both board and feed shaft
  • Feed Drive: variable speed feed with 2 HP drive with hand crank for manual adjustment, v-belt drive to torque arm reducer and 1-11/16″ drive shaft for 15 to 30 lugs/minute
  • Semi-automatic Saw Shift: with 2 HP brake motor for shifting movable saw transfer; operator holds down increase/decrease control button until saw approaches trim position then releases button stopping saw on the next 1′-0 increment; jog over-ride furnished for selective trimming
  • Automatic Saw Shift: limit switches and controls for shifting movable saw transfer for even foot lengths only
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