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Corley Band Mills

Available in 6-foot and 7-foot models, Corley band mills are designed to provide maximum sawing speeds, low maintenance, and longer life. All weldments are stress relieved and machined in critical areas.

Our extended double column design provides excellent stability and the large fall down area is ideal for tilted carriages.

Wheels on all Corley band mills are cast using Ductile Iron resulting in greater strength and longer wheel life. Wheels are dynamically balanced at operating speed to insure smooth vibration-free operation.

The air strain system features a single air cylinder and eccentric top wheel shaft to provide instantaneous response to sawing loads.

Saw guides are cartridge type resulting in accurate, quick, and easy guide changes. Our design eliminates the need for guide adjustment during routine guide block changes. The top guide raises and lowers through a single hydraulic cylinder and incorporates a swing away design in the event it is struck by a log.

Standard Specifications
6 foot
  • Wheels are 72″ dia. 13″ face
  • 200 HP Power
  • 42″ Depth of Cut/Fall Down Area
  • Floor area approx. 6′-6″ x 6′-5″
  • Weight – approx. 27,000
  • 33,935
7 foot
  • Wheels are 84″ dia. 13″ face
  • 250 HP Power
  • 48″ Depth of Cut/Fall Down Area
  • Floor area approx. 7′-7″ x 7′-0″
  • Weight – approx. 38,000
  • 68,200

Lewis Controls optimization and controls are available on all Corley band mills.

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