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Corley Horizontal Resaws

Corley’s horizontal resaw incorporates many of the same popular features as our rigged and dependable 6′ and 7′ band mills

Ductile iron wheels, a massive frame, modern air strain technology, and cartridge type pressure guides are all standards for our horizontal resaw.

When you are looking for accuracy, versatility, and performance, look to Corley for your horizontal resaw needs.

Standard Specifications
  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 18″
  • Sawline to Feed Bed: min. 3/4″ max. 18″
  • Maximum Cant Size: 18″ x 18″
  • Wheels: 48′ Dia. x 5″ wide face ductile iron
  • Saw Length: 26′-0″
  • Wheel Lift and Tilt: electric/remote
  • Saw Strain: single air cylinder, high strain
  • Press Rolls: one infeed one outfeed
  • Weight (approx.): 12,000 pounds
  • 48″ diameter x 5″ wide wheels are the heaviest in their class. Made using ductile iron rather than common cast iron or fabricated steel, our dynamically balanced wheels are designed to be the smoothest running, longest lasting wheels available.
  • The air strain on our 48″ resaw utilizes the same design employed on our top performing 6′ and 7′ band mills. The quick response time of the strain to sawing loads and rigid frame-work ensure peak performance and sawing accuracy.
  • Corley’s pressure saw guides are easy to maintain and simple to change. Our design eliminates the need for guide adjustment during routine guide block changes.
  • The chain bed feed table has a sturdy, fully machined frame, Summit Top Chain, and replaceable wear plates. The feed is positive and the accuracy is there for years to come.
Electronic Options

Two control packages are available:

Standard Control Package
Our standard control package features an Allen Bradley PLC Controller. All the machine sequencing and setworks controls are designed and built to be simple to maintain and easy to understand.
Premium Control Package
Our premium control package takes automation to the next level. In addition to machine sequencing and setworks control, variable frequency drives are included for all conveyors and the bandsaw. Corley’s exclusive speed control package allows you to “dial in” the entire resaw system to meet your particular requirements and maximize your production.

Our servo motor setworks utilizes technology developed for the machine tool industry. Sets are “dead on” and maintenance simplified.


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