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Corley Outfeed tables are simple in design, easy to maintain, and at the top of their class in producing results. Our tables are free of obstructions such as splitter fences, pop-up wedges, and spiral rolls.

The Corley six-way outfeed table utilizes pairs of separating chains properly spaced and controlled to efficiently separate and dispatch material behind a line bar resaw. By operating on a trailing end index, material is better controlled and the outfeed is cleared faster when compared to a conventional leading end indexing outfeed. The Corley arrangement results in more lines per minute and less hang ups.

Standard Specifications

  • Built-in lift up extracting roll for quick saw change access
  • Cushioned separating chains for reduced maintenance
  • Waste tipple to the left of the outfeed
  • Tipple drop out to the trimmer and indexing roll case to the edger to the right of the outfeed

Lewis Controls optimization and controls are available on all Corley resaw configurations.

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