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The Corley/Lewis center line edger is arranged for transverse scanning and optimization. The robust machine construction and easy to manage optimizer ensures that your Corley/Lewis system will produce maximum results for many years.

Standard Specifications

  • Center line chain with replaceable raceway for positive flitch control
  • Feed rates of up to 1,000 feet per minute
  • 3/4″ to 4″ material thickness
  • 2, 3, 4, or 5 saw arrangements
  • Reliable, low-maintenance sliding picker outfeed
  • Value driven edging solutions in true random width, fixed width or a combination of fixed and random widths applied by grade and or species
  • Easy to understand and manage Windows-based optimizer menus
  • Pre-scan operator grade recovery
  • Optional post-scan grade recovery
  • Modem access trouble shooting for both the optimizer and Allen Bradley PLC controls.

Lewis Controls Optimization and Controls are available on all Corley Edgers.

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